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FST has been performing full service fire sprinkler work for 20 years.

We install, inspect, maintain, and provide renovation work for Wet Pipe Systems (water filled piping), Dry Pipe Systems (air filled systems that trip and release water in unheated environments), Pre-Action Systems (to protect sensitive equipment or special environments such as storage freezers and special equipment rooms), Deluge Systems (for special high hazard applications), and Foam Water Systems (in where a higher hazard product has a fuel source that needs the smothering effect and possible chemical reaction inhibiting of foam in addition to the cooling (heat displacement) of water.


We have been installing, repairing, renovating, inspecting, and maintaining fire sprinkler systems for 20 years. We have spent the last two decades bringing in experienced individuals that are top of their class in order to provide unsurpassed quality. We continuously strive to help owners get the most for their money (some technologies provide better protection for less money - win/win). We work with all professionals (Professional Planning Team of Architects/Engineers/Consultants and AHJs) so that we can meet the Code objectives provided by those entities, and do so effectively and efficiently.


We are not the "low bidder who cuts corners". We are the cost effective bidder that studies projects and looks for the best way to achieve customer objectives, knowing that the customer will look forward to calling us in the future. We work hard to establish and maintain customer relationships. If you have a challenging renovation project in Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, or Southern Missouri - Call Us! We are very efficient on Hotels/Motels/Apartments - new or renovated - as well.

We EXCEL at meeting schedules, providing quality work, in communication, and in customer satisfaction. 

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