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Mission Statement

We provide quality service and products, using decades of experience, to provide Fire Sprinkler Systems installation, inspections, and Maintenance.


We provide services in Arkansas, South Missouri, South Kansas and Eastern Oklahoma

Our Projects

We use a teamwork approach to projects with a strong emphasis on building customer relationships along with Local and State Water and Fire Departments


NFPA 25 Inspections

Service Department

Small Projects per NFPA 13D/13R,13,

14, & 20


Medium to Large Projects

NFPA 13D/13R,13,

14, & 20

About Us

FST is comprised of a more traditional approach to contracts and services. Some companies claim to be about customers, while others, like ours, really are about customer and team relationships, proper planning, compliance with NFPA, and quality performance. We plan ahead and we try to stay ahead of each challenge, maintaining focus until the work is done. Each overseer brings over a decade/decades of experience and insight and appreciates the importance of the services we provide. We have a good track record of repeat customers, because we strive to perform for each one of them in hopes to continue a long lasting, positive, successful relationship. 

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